Christmas Gifts for Runners 2023
Christmas Gifts for Runners 2023 might include a Smart Watch, but like almost everything else, it’s probably Made in China! iStock photo.

Last year our Christmas Gifts for Runners had everything from a Running Bra designed for the 2020 Olympic Trials in Atlanta to a chance to Train With Kenyans. Most of our Christmas Gifts for Runners 2023 are in the $10-$20 range. Most are Made in USA. We’ve listed a featured product in each category plus one option for the private air cohort.

Marathon The Ultimate Training Guide, Hal Higdon

Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide

You might recognize Hal Higdon’s name from Runner’s World Magazine or the Chicago Marathon. Since its original publication in 1993, Hal Higdon’s definitive manual has sold over a quarter of a million copies. Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide is now available in an all-new 5th edition (2020). The Ultimate Training Guide includes advice, plans, and programs for half marathons, full marathons, and more.

Body Glide Anti. Chafe

Body Glide Anti Chafe

Body Glide is a gift you’ll want to give your friend just getting into any one of the Swim Bike Run sports. This is an item They Will Need. The triathletes use Body Glide around their neck where the wet suit might rub, the cyclists and runners put it between their legs, and the marathoners rub it across their nipples. I do all three and sometimes even rub Body Glide between my toes for a longer event. Melissa at Run Fit Sports in Macon says the pink one is better on your skin. What?

Look for Body Glide at your local run store, bike shop, REI etc.

Okabashi Flip Flops

Flip Flops Made in USA

Okabashi is not a running shoe, but their flip flops are the type of comfort footwear you’ll want to slip into after a run. Seriously, you don’t need to be spending $40-60-80 on a pair of flip flops at some high-end retail store. Photo: Okabashi Maui is the #1 Best Selling Made in USA flip flop. Beverly bought a pair last year and loves them. Okabashi is a great Christmas Gift for Runners 2023, and they are made right here in Georgia.

Halo Headband

Headband / Sweatband

Halo Headbands. No Slip. No Sweat. Halo has been making a high-quality sweatband in San Diego, California since 2001. Halo Headband makes hand-crafted, high-performance headwear using the best fabrics and sewing techniques available. Designed for both men and women, they’ve created a headband with a proven sweat control system that redirects sweat away from your eyes. 

GU Energy Gel

Energy GEL

I’ve switched from the larger Hammer products that I used for my longer swim bike run events to the smaller GU Energy Gels that you can put in one of those little pockets on the back of your marathon shorts. A number of companies make similar products. This mixed pack is similar to the one I gave Chris for Christmas. You should find Energy Gels at your local running store like I just did at Winged Foot Running in Monroe.

Gizmo Socks Running Gloves


I’ve never heard of Gizmo Socks, but they started out making those Chili Pepper socks and just took off. Their running gloves are made of Thermolite Fabric by DuPont. They are ultralight with a seamless knit that allows for a snug fit with built-in warmth without weight, even when wet. $9 bucks for a pair of running gloves and Made in USA. Socks are too. I put these running gloves on Elfster, and somebody has already claimed them.

Savannah Bee Company Lip Balm

Lip Balm

The corporate owners at Burt’s Bees discontinued their Lifeguard product that I favored for more sellable girly products. With our emphasis on Running in Georgia, we thought that something made by the Savannah Bee Company would be more interesting. You doing the Savannah Bridge Run in December? Stop by their store on River Street. For 4-bucks you can even get it in peach!

Stark Base Layer, Running Shirt

Shirt / Base Layer

Shirts / Base layer shirts are the runner’s equivalent of underwear. They are quick drying, moisture wicking, tech fabrics designed to keep you comfortable on your run. Photo of my Christmas Gift for Runners 2023: a Soark Performance Wicking Shirt. You can check out our Gear Page for other Made in USA options.

BOA Running Shorts

Shorts / Running Pants

Boa makes awesome running gear that is built to stand out and scream “life of the party.” Cruise their website and you’ll see short shorts and racerback tanks in crazy awesome colors. Make a note of their 1-inch Elite Running Shorts before you go ordering. They look great on your leggy high school cross country team. But Boy Friend / Girl Friend may want a little more modesty. Boa’s got that too! 

Features Running Socks

Socks / Running Socks

Feetures claims to be America’s #1 Running Sock, but they are Made in Vietnam. So check our Gear Page for some Made in USA Options. Personally, I’d advise not buying any of those no-show running socks. We linked a WSJ article about this in our October post. I ran in tab pull socks because in triathlon they were quicker to put on. Today I’m thinking about ankle length running socks. You’ve got to have something back there holding these socks in place. 

Darn Tough Wool Running Socks

Socks / Wool Running Socks

Last year I purchased three pair of Made in USA wool running socks from the Sock Addict just to try ’em out. I’m saving the Stego socks for the next artic blast to hit Atlanta, but the other two weren’t bad. I’ve even run in temperate weather. With all of the cute designs today, a pair of wool running socks is another thoughtful gift idea. Pictured above are Darn Tough Vermont Women’s No Show Tab cause that’s what everybody is wanting.

Race Ready Visor

Visor / Running Hats

I’m a visor guy who sticks his sunglasses on this head before every run. I’ve not tried this product yet, but Race Ready has a 30 year reputation of making great Made in USA products for the long distance runner. Their caps and lightweight running visors offer fantastic sun protection, so you can keep a cool head while running.

Outdoor Research Wind Vest

Wind Vest

We reviewed Wind Vests in our November post, and the choices were interesting. Soark makes a lightweight wind vest for runners that I’m putting on my Christmas List, but we’re featuring a wind vest by Outdoor Research in this listing for you folks in that running group up in Gainesville who like to go out for a run in sub 10-degree weather. 

Ultra Luxury Marathon camping tent
Our Ultimate Christmas Gift for Runners 2023 includes a private butler!


I like to include one gift idea in our Christmas Gifts for Runners 2023 for all of our high-end readers. Last year it was a chance to Train with Kenyans. This year I’m including a link to an article in the May 1st WSJ by Stuart Condie titled Fancy Ultramarathons include $11,000 Entry Fee, Private Butler… Here’s a Link if you’d like to read more.

See more Made in USA products on our Gear Page

Duckworth Merino Wool products have been featured in Runner’s World Magazine

Last year we put together a List of Made in USA running products on our Gear Page. This year I have seen two of these items on EBAY for resale listed as ‘Imported’. We’re working to update this list for 2024. And Yeah, we get fooled too!

In our January post we added some cold weather gear you might want to put on your Christmas List for 2023.

Got a favorite Made in USA products that you don’t see on this list? Shoot us an email or a link and we’ll look into it. Our address is


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