Fastest Marathon in Georgia, Albany Marathon
Our Georgia Running Events Calendar has everything from the Fastest Marathon in Georgia to a little Bridge Run down in Savannah.
2023 Georgia Race Calendar Photo: The Albany Marathon

We’ve picked some of the Best Running Events in the State for our 2023 Georgia Race Calendar.

A Best Atlanta Race, B Best Race in Georgia, C Something to Complete Your Options like the Savannah Sultry Swamp Run in July, and D for Difficult!

January 2023

Sure it’s cold. But with the right gear it’s still a great time to go out for a run! Read about these red hot races in our January 2023 post:

February 2023

If you like marathons, you’re going to Love our Top Picks from the Georgia Running Events Calendar in our February 2023 post!

March 2023

Hey Georgia! Our March post about the Best Running Events has everything from the fastest marathon in Georgia to Ultra Marathon Distance options:

April 2023

No Fooling. Our April 2023 post has everything from Big City Streets to lonely Country Roads to Absolutely Flat-out Crazy:

May 2023

Our May post talks about everything from moonshiner jugs to Madison in May on our 2023 Georgia running events calendar:

June 2023

We try to offer you a range of different running events each month and our June post about the 2023 Georgia race calendar events is no exception:.

July 2023

They may call the Big City Hotlanta, but we talk about four really cool running events from the Georgia race calendar in our July post.

August 2023

Dog Days are tough times to run down south in Dixie, but our August Post about Georgia running events has something for everyone:

September 2023

We’re kicking off football season by covering some really interesting events in our September post from the Georgia race calendar:

October 2023

It’s Fall Ya’ll, and you’ll love the sweet treats we’re recommending for you in our October post about the best Georgia running events:

November 2023

Last year we counted 30 something Thanksgiving Day races, so Atlanta ain’t the only one we’ll be talking about in our November post:

December 2023

We’ve delivered again with some special races from the Georgia Running Events Calendar in our December post . And from all of us, Merry Christmas Ya’ll: 

We’ll update these 2022 links as our new 2023 posts are completed generally around the end of each month.

Look for our updated Georgia Running Events Calendar 2024 as we get closer to the end of the year!